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The Bride (La Mariée)

Documentary, HD, 40min, 2012
World Premiere in competition at IDFA
A production Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains

Synopsis: Dressed in a wedding gown, the Milanese artist Pippa Bacca leaves her native city in direction of Jerusalem. Accompanied by fellow artist Silvia Moro, both women hitchhike their way across the Balkans with a clear aspiration: opening themselves towards 'the Other'. As their travel-performance unfolds, the artists decide to take two different paths and Pippa is later found dead in Turkey. The film embarked on a journey in quest of her memories. 

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a film by Joël Curtz
photography: Raphaël Daniel
editing: Laureline Delom
archives: Pippa Bacca
sound recording: Joël Curtz, Raphaël Daniel, Jürgen Gladitsch
sound editing: Aurélie Valentin
sound mix: Cyrille Lauwerier
colour correction: Baptiste Evrard

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