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Mise en boîte (performance)

Performance with live music, 2009

Mise en boîte -eine Psychosatire- is a video-performance project that revolves around the interaction between a music piece performed by an orchestra, an audio-visual performance and a spectator located in the performance hall. 
The video shows spectators who take pleasure in looking at their alter ego trapped in a television and trying hard to get out of it. Unexpectedly, a real spectator appears in the room and executes an action that interrupts the spectators’ enjoyment…

A video version of this project is available as well.

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Conception, creation and acting : Joël Curtz
Musical composition : Fabrizio Tentoni
Interpretation : Ensemble Klangexecutive (Hochschule für Musik, Berlin)

Spiegel im spiegel

Mise en boîte (video)

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