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A Votre Image (To Your Image)

An interactive Video Installation, 2013
Cycle of circa 3 minutes, for one viewer each time
A production Le Fresnoy, Studio national des arts contemporains

“A Votre Image” (To Your Image) is an interactive installation that immerses us in a miniature world: an apartment with a holographic character who watches news on TV.

Just shortly after the news headlines go on air, the TV host announces that from this point forward the programme will capture and share the image of the TV viewer with the rest of the TV audience. The image of the character emerges on the screen, followed by our image broadcasted on the TV in turn.

Team →

Réalisation et jeu : Joël Curtz
Présentatrice TV : Claire Pain
Programmation : Etienne Landon
Image : Sylvain Briend
Son : Yannick Delmaire
Montage JT : François Lescieux
Bruitage : Agathe Courtin
Voix journaliste : Jean-Michel Lobry
Expert : Pascal Buteaux
Construction mécanique : Alain Le Beon

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