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Burma, The Power of Monks

Documentary - ARTE - 52'

With the arrival in power of Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, Burma discovered a newfound freedom. But the country is facing a worrying problem with the rise of a fierce nationalist sentiment targeting the Muslim community of the Rohingya people, and spread by a group of extremist Buddhist monks.

What role do the 500,000 monks really play in this country where feelings run high? What lies behind the monastic orders? Three monks – each engaged on their own path in a Burma in search of identity – express their views, their concerns, and their hopes. One speaks in defense of the Lady of Rangoon; another preaches Buddhism in the most remote regions of the land; while the third, a nationalist, strives for the defense of a national identity which he sees as under threat.


a documentary by Joël Curtz and Benoît Grimont
production: ARTE France & Faites un voeu & Tournez s'il vous plaît
co-production: KRO-NCRV and Public Sénat
image: Benoît Grimont
editing: Sylvain Piot
sound: Florent Blanchard and Sylvain Decosse
color grading: Arnaud Lambert
sound mixing: Dominique Castinel

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