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Intrusion (Eindringling)

Film, HD, 7’50 mins, 2009

The film “Eindringling” (Intrusion) is a short fiction film realized in Berlin. It is directly inspired by the « Intrusion - filmed actions », but this time exploring the opposite point of view: the perspective of the driver.

Synopsis: A young employee leaves his office and takes the car to go home. During a short break on the way, an uninvited stranger appears out of the blue to take place in his car…

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a film by Joël Curtz
codirected with Wolfgang Schick
actors : Arne Fiedler  Eric Tosatti
scenario : Joël Curtz
photography : Gillian Holt
assisted by : Gaby Hüber
operators : Gillian Holt  Gaby Hüber
assisted by : Clemens Szelies  Marcus Koch
sound : Adam Weisser
editing : Christine Denck
dialogues : Wolfgang Schick
scriptgirl : Johanna Bernard
set runners : Ruth Bernard  Hyeonryong Park

Intrusion (filmed actions)

The Mocker

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